THOR UAV hovers like a heli-copter, flies like a plane 

Students at Singapore's University associated with Technology and Design have created a drone that may transition through hovering to flying as the fixed-wing aircraft....

Cassini obtains first-ever samples of Saturn’s atmosphere

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has become 15 weeks into the ‘grand finaleâ€? dives, dipping within and out from the narrow space between Saturn as well...

Disney’s facial recognition AI watches a person watch movies

Disney is definitely experimenting with a deep studying AI that tracks movie goers' emotional reactions to films. The company's research branch developed neural systems that...

Lenovo tablet can fold into the smartphone-sized device

Lenovo offers unveiled a prototype for the tablet having a bendable screen that will can be folded in to a smartphone-sized mobile device.  The...

Making use of money to buy time is definitely connected to increased happiness

Forget the actual say - money actually can buy happiness, new study has shown.  Researchers have discovered that spending money to purchase spare time,...

Microsof company touts new HoloLens chip because breakthrough in AI

The HoloLens development edition includes the particular headset, a clicker for getting together with applications, a carrying case, nasal area pads and overheads straps....

Zuckerberg slams Musk’s AI ‘doomsday’ since ‘irresponsible’

As artificial cleverness continues to grow, technology can soon bring humanity to the safer, healthier future, according in order to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg...

ALL OF US Navy reveals the latest check of electromagnetic railgun

The US Navy has revealed the particular latest tests of a significant electromagnetic gun that may fire projectiles at six times the swiftness of...

SfN study finds that mice really feel each other’s pain

In 1992, Bill Clinton coined the particular phrase 'I feel your pain' in response to a heckler at among his rallies, plus it seems...

Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) ‘baby volcanoes’ could have backed life 

It may appear that Mars was once the much more exciting planet.  True, there are dust storms plus possible water-seeps occurring today, yet billions...


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Psychopaths are better at learning exactly how to lie than others

Psychopaths display different characteristics depending on their disorder. Common signs include superficial charm, the grandiose notion of self-worth, the particular need for stimulation...