Keeping hands with your partner may help ease their pain

Grabbing your hands on your partner's hands while they're in pain actually can make them feel much better, according to a new research. When...

Bicycling to work can stop a person feeling stressed

If you aren't feeling stressed, don't drive in order to work. Bike instead. Cycling in order to your office each morning refuses to simply...

Paracetamol use in pregnancy can decrease son’s masculinity

Pregnant moms who take paracetamol even in recommended doses might be doing harm to the masculinity of the unborn boy. And the common over-the-counter...

Diabetes risk can be cut simply by a small amount of exercise

Even a small amount of physical activity may offer health benefits that safeguard against diabetes, new research indicates. A new study found that will...

Mother-of-two has 26 PINTS of body fat drained from her legs

A mother-of-two who could just shuffle because of her 'tree trunk' legs had 26 pints of fat drained from all of them to help...

Workers in offices are low on vitamin Deb and need the sunshine

With temperatures soaring and hardly a cloud in the atmosphere, you may have thought we would all be getting our reasonable share of sunshine....

Fuss about spinners are choking hazard to help children

The wildly well-liked fidget spinners are potentially risky to children, experts claim. A watchdog group has issued the warning against the toy mainly because...

Individuals inject themselves with other someones blood

A new medication trend may be emerging: Treating a deadly cocktail of medicines and other people's blood in order to get high. Last year,...

Don’t allow plastic surgeons prey on susceptible teens

Cosmetic surgery need to be banned for that under-18s, the report recommends today. The Nuffield Council on Bioethics says businesses exploit teenagers as well...

Gps navigation and midwives miss signs associated with postnatal depression

Thousands associated with women with postnatal depression are usually being failed by GPs plus midwives, a report warns. It reveals how half of brand...


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Lamborghini Aventador and speedboat on purchase on eBay

This 'pristine' Lamborghini complete with matching speedboat are the ultimate toys intended for thrill-seekers - when you have a great £1. 7 million ($2....