Aaron Hernandez and Kyle Kennedy’s connection revealed

In a bombshell press conference held on Wed, Kyle Kennedy's attorney Larry Military Jr. revealed details surrounding the connection between Aaron Hernandez and their prison lover. Army told reporters that Aaron's suicide came because a shock to Kennedy who also was 'stunned and saddened simply by the news' as he was your last person to speak in order to...

Functioning brain circuitry grown in the lab dish for first period

Scientists have grown the particular first working 'mini-brains' within a meal which could provide future remedies for autism and epilepsy. The lab-grown organs have their very own brain cells, formed into circuits comparable to those of a two-month-old baby within the womb. Described because 'thrilling science', it is the particular first time a human forebrain has been seen in...

Resting pills double the risk associated with a broken hip in 14 days

Elderly people lately prescribed sleeping pills are with risk of breaking their sides, new research suggests. Taking the particular common hypnotics benzodiazepines and alleged 'z-drugs' more than doubles the chance of a fracture within simply fourteen days. This is thought in order to due to them inducing sleepiness, delayed reaction times and reduced balance. As many as one. 5...

Rock weapons from 77, 000 in years past found in South Africa

Stone weapons hurled through the particular air 77, 000 years back have been unearthed in S. africa. The teardrop-shaped tools were utilized as projectile weapons in the particular Middle Stone Age, according in order to researchers. Archaeologists believe the serrated rocks were hand-thrown or lobbed by bows to hunt pets. Stone weapons (pictured)...

Guy spent three years in jail for twin brother’s crime

A Russian man claims this individual spent three years in jail for a crime he did not commit, when police mistook your pet for a twin brother this individual didn't know he had. Andrey Chistyakov, 40, says his lifetime was turned upside down whenever he was 18 when this individual was wrongly arrested and jailed. He claims he was...

Do humans conquer America 130, 000 YEARS ago?

The background of America could soon end up being rewritten, as archaeologists have uncovered evidence that humans were residing on the continent as soon as 130, 000 years ago.  Researchers have found the butchered remains of an enormous mastodon in San Diego, along with proof of chips and fractures produced by early humans.  The results could dramatically revise the schedule...

Unlawful pot use increased MORE within states with medical laws

Cannabis black markets have noticed a boom in states along with medical marijuana laws, a brand new study claims.  Researchers at Columbia University viewed data from 3 national surveys on marijuana make use of between 1991 and 2013. They found that states saw the surge that individuals illegally smoking the particular drug after implementing laws in order to legalize...

Horse nearly died after being savaged by Staffie

A horse almost died when it had been brutally savaged by an 'out of control' Staffordshire Bull Terrier - but police say these people can't make a change because it had been an animal on animal strike.  Owner Anna Bunton, 49, had been horrified when she said the dog began tearing flesh through her 'gentle-souled' horse's stomach, lower-leg and...

NASA to investigate unknown fungus upon space station

NASA can be set to utilize a radical new 'tricorder' DNA sequencer to work out there what a mysterious fungus discovered growing on the International Area Station is. Astronauts have documented funding the strange microbial growths on walls and surfaces, plus it has even clogged waterlines.  Now, two instruments onboard can be used to analyse this in orbit, allowing...

NBA EXCLUSIVE with San Antonio Spurs’ Pau Gasol

San Antonio Spurs' forward Pau Gasol considers there are similarities between Kawhi Leonard and Kobe Bryant -- as both share the exact same competitive wish to win. Spurs' ahead Gasol and Leonard are half way through their team's first-round collection against the Memphis Grizzlies plus currently lead 3-2 heading back again to Tennessee for a possible close-out match.  Leonard...


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Aaron Hernandez and Kyle Kennedy’s connection revealed

In a bombshell press conference held on Wed, Kyle Kennedy's attorney Larry Military Jr. revealed details surrounding the connection between Aaron Hernandez and their...